CIV 5: a new challenge

Welcome to the next CIV5 experience. :slight_smile:

Let us begin with suggestions about the settings, your most wanted and no goes. When all asked people join the game we will be 8 players. I`d suggest we play with no AI on a medium map of continents.

I would suggest:
Always War

No hassle with alliances and tech brokering!

i am in, but always war, nono. Would mean all the great features of the latest expansion are for nothing (trade routes, archeology, new diplomatic opportunities, …)

whats the timeframe per move and does civ5 already have a pitbull-equivalent like civ4 had to ease turn-based games?

I suggest 24h or 36h for each turn with an option of a „vacation“ mode which allows the AI to make your turn.
You need this software:

Which ingame speed. Normal or fast? I know that fast means that most of the special units may not take affect because running out of advantage very fast.

I would prefer normal speed.

i vote for fast speed. pbem is horrible slow on normal.
in fact, i would only play, if speed is at fast. (as kerris does)

if pitboss is already working, normal speed is ok.
I have a second steam account with CIV5, we would only need a Server capable of running CIV5 Pitboss 24/7

P.S. there is no timeframe for PBEM Games, if you are not here, the game will hold :wink:
On our last Pitboss Game we had a timeframe of 72h, but usually we had 1 or 2 turns in 24h. On Vacations we raised the timeframe.

and i would really love another anonymous game.

as discussed i would also like the always war option since i really dislike the tech trading (or brokering). BUT - what do you guys think of an Age of Wonders Multiplayer? Seems to me this game could be pretty awesome…

(Right now, I bought Age Of Wonders III! >:D )

About Pitboss, I have an Windows XP Server running all the time, we already hosted the old Civ4 Pitboss games on it.
If this Civ5 is compatible, we could use this server.

Greetings friends. I will join in (nice that you already start I English in expectation of this). Thanks to Will for starting the idea.I have no strong view on settings, apart from to say that the settings in the last game worked well. There are some other friends from our flight sim community who may join us. I realise that the team play might have spoilt the fun for some of you last time game. Don’t worry, this time we are just as likely to attack each other as team up.

I heard today that Willi is sick so might take him a while to get back to this. Nothing too serious I hope.

Sorry for the delay guys! Let us get started now. Looks like we are 9 players.

I suggest the following settings:

Brave New World
continents (medium map)
fast game speed
always war OFF
all civs available
barbarians ON
12 civ-states
ressources on normal
all win options
difficulty 4

Let me know if you agree please and i`ll start the game



I am a friend of Willi’s and am looking forward to this.

It is very nice to meet you all ;D


Everythings OK, so I will play English then.

hello flashheart!


  • there is no medium map. there is a default map which is good for 8 Players, and a large map which is good for 10 players.
  • City States should be 2xplayer count, (18) to keep it interesting (thats default)

i will play as Harun al-Rashid, Arabian!

Ok, no more replies. I created the game. Please join. I found some of you in Steam and i have sent you an invitation. I couldn`t find
Archon and thePrediger.
The game is called: CIV5 A New Challenge.


it’s kinda cool trying to figure out what German words mean - took me a while to find „Reply“.

Anyway this will be my first Civ game ever so we’ll see what happens! I have no idea which nation to take so I’ll have to check up on it.

Can I start with nukes?

Willi I’ll speak with you on Mumble about techie stuff like the game save transfer etc.

Cheers all