Repkosten bis zum nächsten patch

Until the devs come up with a proper solution, here is the best way you can save money:

  1. DO NOT REPAIR unless you absolutely have to. Plan ahead with your equipment. Before I was changing equipment every time I got something slightly better and selling the old stuff. Not a good idea. Say you have a sword at 10 dps and it’s wearing out, but still usable (say durability = 30/80)you find another one at 11dps. Well DONT equip the new sword. Use the old one until it breaks/is almost broken (about 10/80 durability) then sell it and use the new one. Doing this has kept my money constantly around 100 silver. I can buy all my training and use horses if I need to.

  2. If you have equipment you are saving to use in a level or two’s time, put in the vault. Then it will not get damaged every time you die. A pain I know. but can really save you a lot of money.

  3. If a quest reward offers you a choice of equipment, dont always take the best choice…if a new weapons is gong to give 1dps better, yet the NPC is offering you brand new armour that is similar to what you have, and your current armour is almost broken (eg. maybe costing 20s to repair) then it makes sense to take the armour and ditch the old set.

  4. A rumour is going around that some NPC’s repair for less. Would be nice to see this confirmed.

Gibt es ein ca. Datum für den Patch? Oder wird auf den offiziellen Start gewartet?

kleiner Tipp am Rande - manche Materialien und Werkzeuge kann man beim Krämer im Rathaus von Bree zum halben Preis kaufen. Ausserdem kostet dort das Reparieren auch nur die hälfte

Oha … OHA!!! Dem werde ich mal nen Besuch abstatten.