NS beta 4 released

Beta 4 changelog

O Combat changes
O Removed wave spawn to shorten game length (only one person spawning at a time).
O Increased unlock hive ability 3 cost from 1 to 2

O Bast is back!! Completely-remade ns_bast, with much better server performance/pings (thanks Mendasp and the entire crew!)

O ns_metal update from Quazilin (update 10)

  • New „Supply way“
  • Smaller „Storage D“
  • New res
  • More infestation/Tweaks
  • Added steam bursts with sfx

O Lerk gestation time lowered from 28 to 20 seconds

O Fixed bug where player angles weren’t set properly on spawn (bug # 559, thanks XP-Cagey!)

O Phase 1 of the Big Unannounced System

O Fixed bug where joysticks weren’t able to rotate the player view (thanks XP-Cagey!)

O Fixed voice comm labels so they can be read more easily (always black text).

O Changed commander voice comm label to white to differentiate him (soldiers are blue).

O Reduced number of entities in ns_tanith from 394 to 264 for improved server performance (thanks tommyd!)

O No longer play client-side sparks or bullet impact particles on client when shotgun pellets hit a player or water (graphical bug only)

O Fixed bug where lone marines tended to spawn at some spawns more then others (Combat)

O Fixed bug where pop-up menu costs weren’t visible for alien players (NS mode, bug #471)

O Removed unneeded HL commands (third-person camera exploit, timerefresh, gl_monolights, gl_overbright, gl_clear, cl_nosmooth, cl_smoothtime). Bug #101.

O Fixed bug where marines could phase to a recycling phase gate (bug #554)

O Final version of ns_agora (thanks Kawak!)

  • Added more covers in Tunnel and Cargo
  • Added new vents
  • New Sewer Hive and New „Main Generator“ (so there is some changes in the layout for this side of the map)
  • Added a ladder near „Freight Elevator Access“ , but Marines need to weld a door to acces it.
  • The vent leading to „The Wedge“ from tunnel is now weldable.
  • Fixed „Onos getting stuck“ in „The Pit“
  • Added/modified lots of little things here and there…

O Removed energy cost for lerk flight (to encourage flight while using abilities)

O Lag no longer allows exploit where research is done on wrong building / current comm chair can no longer be recycled (bug# 199)

O New welder, machine gun, pistol, hmg, metabolize and shotty sounds from MadMaxx

  • Tweak welder ROF for variety
  • Hand grenade sounds

O Improved HLTV support. Blips still aren’t drawing on the overview map, and some of the UI controls don’t work very well, but it should be useable. More to come.

O Updated ns_eclipse (thanks KungFuSquirrel!)

  • New vent added between South Loop/Maintenance Vent and Keyhole
  • New vent added between South Loop and Computer Core
  • New weldable added on South Loop/Computer Core vent
  • Old Triad pits/effects restored
  • Old skylights near marine spawn restored
  • Restored ns_eclipse.wad
  • Various texture usage optimizations
  • Adjusted Triad layout to allow better res defense (experimental)
  • Restored doors in marine spawn
  • restructured active side of Marine Spawn
  • Moved Marine spawns closer to CC
  • CC moved out of alcove
  • Atmospheric adjustments to hives

O Updated ns_veil (thanks KungFuSquirrel!)

  • Expanded Marine Spawn
  • Lowered „Pink Monster“ in Marine Spawn
  • Fixed embarrassing „Eclipse Logo Backwards in my Own Map“ problem… Doh.
  • Removed North Loop
  • Texture usage optimizations
  • Repaired remaining Onos stick points (I hope!)
  • Removed all chairs in front of computer panels
  • New vents (find/learn them yourselves )
  • Some added infestation in hive areas
  • Layout/architecture tweaks near Pipeline
  • Weldables added to Nanogrid Status

O Updated ns_nothing (thanks KungFuSquirrel!)
O Elevators changed to func_doors

O Upgrading a turret factory no longer restores all its hit points (bug #539)

O Items no longer sink through the world when placed against slopes, items can now be placed at up to 45 degrees, on stairs, etc. (bug #291, bug #527)

Hmm is die Beta jetzt fertig oder kommt da noch ne Beta zur Beta?

Aja kannst in die Server-Infos noch reinschreiben welche Version dort läuft Beta3 oder Beta4?

P.s: Mach ma eine Liste mit ZMC prefered NS-Servers?

Der Haktom hat schon längst auf Beta4 umgestellt. Rennt mir scheint auch stabil.
Und da es eine Beta ist, wird wohl noch was nachkommen… aber k.A. was! :slight_smile:

passiert der Update nun automatisch über Steam, oder muss ich was runterladen?
D.h. wenn ich Steam anwerfe, muss ich fürchten mein DL Limit quasi sofort erreicht zu haben?


muss händisch getan werden !

liegt das File irgendwo bei uns rum?

ok, habs schon und auch schon auf den FTP gelegt …