Forward ever - Backward never

(posted on mfga web site)

A day, i discovered a game, it was a HL mod, you know what i mean of course !
It was Day of Defeat !
I play this game since the first beta, i saw very very much change. Some were goods and some where bads.
I played in some french team and then a 6th june 2003 i joined an austrian team, ZMC !
I played a lot of time on them server with the nick SWQ, i was in my best time, it was the beta 3.1.
I played wars with the ZMC teams…with Moby, Roban etc…
A day, the council wanted to do 2 teams, a „good“ one and a „fun“ one…
why not ?!
And a fucking day comes ! a day that you’ll never forget, this was the Day of Defeat (of dod), a new god comes, this new god is VALVE ! and with who ? the fucking STEAM
Thx valve for this shit damn, i had a lot of problems with this shit ! yeah this shit !!
My god, new version…dod retail, a lot of fucking changes…thx !thx! VALVE !
It was the end, since this day a lost my pleasure for dod…

And now ? (no not And_One!)
now i play very bad (since a moment) bad skills, no enjoying when i play…
and i can say now that this game sux, it becames a CS (sorry for the players CS) i don’t like that, i liked it but now it’s the moment to stop !
I stop all my activities on dod, sorry guys but i can’t continue like that…

I wanna say to you guys, a VERY BIG THX for all ! you are good ! continue like that ! don’t change
I had big fun with you ! but now it’s the moment, it’s the Day of Defeat but for me now !
Thx to the ZMC ! thx for you community, thx for all !
CYA party ppl ! thx for ALL ! and marching forward ! and never backward !
bye… :-[

cu guys !

Yo SWQ… so then get on to the next games out there! ;D
Tons out there… really!

Also consider Natural Selection, it’s getting better and better!

you are so right ! and thanks to you too.
take a look at natural selection :slight_smile: