Beyond Earth

Are you people buying this and want to play in MP?

preordered it - dunno about MP yet

maybe :slight_smile:

Na, waiting for reviews and for a proper Pitboss, without that, Goodbye Sid.

Agree about the pitboss. Current game is really long game.

But what about a CIV Lan?

Well again no proper Pitboss Server was introduced, get lost Sid.

About a CIV Lan, sounds interesting, any plans on when to do that?

Tried it for a day now and - i like it. At least in singleplayer…

Hab noch gemischte Gefühle … am schlimmsten finde ich das City Menü.
Total „crowded“ und alles ist unnötig aufgeblasen (building icons) und drückt noch mehr.

Auch das Auto-Upgrade der Units und deren „promotions“ finde ich nicht so prickelnd.
Krass wenn der Gegner ein Upgrade vorne ist, da hast dann wirklich einen schweren Stand.


die reviews auf steam werden auch immer schlechter.

I am totally in for a live Civ5/CivBE match.
But it is easier for me to play it via internet.

anyone interested?
I have a bit of experience getting my ass whooped by the steam NQ-civ group players :D:D