Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Friends Namelist

Wer auch immer sich das Game gekauft hat, ist herzlich eingeladen, uns in seine Freundesliste aufzunehmen:

PS: Installiert Steam (das Tool alleine ist ja kostenlos!) dazu, dann gibts auch noch die ganzen Steam Goddies ingame dazu.
mehr siehe www.steampowered.com

ETQW Patch Details [May 08, 2008, 09:41 am ET] - 37 Comments
The Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Development Blog has a lengthy post with full details on the upcoming version 1.5 patch for Splash Damage’s teamplay shooter, which they say is „steaming ahead at full knots“ (presumably that’s good) and undergoing final internal testing. The post outlines UI improvements, new customization cvars, fixes and tweaks to how ranked servers and statistics are handled, bot improvements, and fixes for a number of bugs and exploits. The post concludes with an explanation of just how complicated it will be to distribute a patch covering a game that’s out on three platforms over multiple distribution systems, and a set of complete patch notes.